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1MB Corporation offers a full suite of technical consulting services.

Our knowledgeable consultants can quickly resolve complex issues and
advise your business using industry best practices.

We offer technical consulting for any sized business big or small.

Expertise in project based application development and computer
related advisory services.

We specialize in delivering enterprise solutions including:
  • Active Directory
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Identity Management
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Security Auditing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Technical Architecture
  • Project Management

Other areas of expertise are available such as networking, programming,
citrix, computer and application virtualization, management, system
upgrades, deployments, integrations and databases.

The 1MB team would be happy to discuss our services in detail with
you. Contact us today.

We offer custom application development services
using a wide variety of technology.

We specialize in offering facebook-like applications
that are compatible with everything from modern
browsers to the iPhone.

We have extensive AJAX, PHP, .NET, SQL libraries that allow
us to rapidly develop Services, Web and Desktop Applications.

Contact us today for a confidential free quotation.